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Thermal Mug market mixed fish heads, the selection of insulation cup trick(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-06-16
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In the cold winter months, ready to drink a cup of hot water for a lot of outdoor work, this is how flattered, but in reality, they can not able to hit a cup of hot water anytime, anywhere, even if from their homes with them, also using a common cup or the relatively poor quality of insulation Cup, had not twenty minutes or cool.

Faced with so many mug brand in the market, in the end, what is the best insulation effect cup? This is something you do not ask businesses, the so-called potter praises his own pot, who will sell cups insulation effectiveness and quality are the best. So you should also be sensible to select insulation cup, then pick the insulation cup should pay attention to those issues:

1, do not just look at the weight. Most people think that the cup more heavy insulation, the better the quality, the better the insulation effect, in fact, this view is wrong. Cup The reason is mainly because the manufacturers add to the inside of things such as floppy disks and the like for the magnetization of water quality, this cup will be considered health care cup is certainly not the insulation cup, because the insulation cup are generally by vacuum thermal insulation.

2, to see the brand of the cup, but by no means the more expensive the better, cost-effective product is really good. Thermal Mug brand on the market today, the rich light insulation Cup brands can definitely be called a cup sector leading brand in the 10 years of insulation glass production industry, has always maintained excellent quality and good service attitude and widespread consumer praise.

3 The quality of the cup and manufacturers of production technology, to see whether the target, mainly to see whether some pick marks to the bottom of the cup from the cup body, who looks seamless cup, life in general are better than with the welding traces the cup longer. And because one process system, the possibility of leakage is better than a small cup probability welding traces.

4, depends on whether the insulation cup is a real vacuum, because we all know, air has a thermal conductivity effect, under vacuum, the temperature will not happen to pass, so the insulation effect of the insulation Cup is good, the most important The point is to look at his vacuum. Identify the vacuum degree of the most simple way is to pour hot water into the cup, after a while, touch the cup body and the bottom of the cup there is no fever, the more cups of low temperature, the insulation and the better the insulation effect.

Looking around the insulation cup market, able to meet the requirements of the above points insulation Cup is really not much insulation cup, lion Disney Thermal Mug with its quality materials and advanced level of technology to produce thermal insulation of the time up to 14 hours, called the insulation

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