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Insulation cup metal cup and plastic accessories coating process On the(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-06-16
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1 Introduction

In the eyes of many people, the only preservative of the automotive, electrical and mechanical equipment and other industrial products, logos, color decoration, etc. can be included in the scope of the coating process. In fact, this is a misunderstanding all around us, as well as the painting of many daily necessities, household items need to give attention, which insulated cup as people's daily drinking water, tools, surface treatment, the effectiveness and quality of coating relates to the product's appearance and performance. affect the product's reputation and cost-effective as well as corporate image.

2 insulated cup in the coating process of metal coating

Insulated cup coating in accordance with the substrate is divided into two categories: the insulation Bei Bei body (304 stainless steel sheet), some of the parts, veneering (plastic). In the metal industry, stainless steel is most suitable for stretching, stamping molding, and its surface tension is usually the case, the paint is easy attachment, good fastness after the film. Coated with paint of the same nature after the physical treatment of stainless steel and aluminum surface, the adhesion difference between the two great, the stainless steel surface coated mechanical binding and anchorage performance is excellent, while the aluminum because there is no phosphating, blunt and so the pre-treatment, surface coating is easy to fall off. This feature is based on stainless steel, the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises in the manufacturing and processing technology on thermal cup, without pre-treatment or pre-treatment process is not complete coating products under the conditions of this process is undoubtedly planted a hidden quality problems. The reason is because the stainless steel stamping, stretching, forming, welding, polishing and other processes, the surface carrying or contaminated with many impurities --- wax, oily substances in the stainless steel surface naked eye indistinguishable hinder good paint adhesion separation membrane, reducing the surface tension, greatly affected the anchorage performance and wetting properties of the coating molecules on the substrate, eventually leading to coating failure. Coating the workplace of the present, most enterprises do not have a constant temperature, humidity, air purification, wind speed regulation, condition, when the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, the fluidity of paint deterioration, weakening the solvency of the solvent, paint is difficult to dilute to the appropriate viscosity of the construction, sagging, orange peel, blister, and other ills in the construction process. When the temperature is above 35 ° C, the viscosity of paint rising fast, fast solvent evaporation, activation of shortening appears dry spray, exposed at the end, loss of light phenomena. In hot and humid summer months, high temperature, high humidity will lead to the substrate surface accumulation of water vapor, directly affecting the stability and adhesion of the coating. Coating equipment, more than a curtain cabinets, a single head or multiple rotary painting machine, plus a few far-infrared oven or semi-enclosed track drying tunnel. This process model, the coating can not make full flash and leveling, and organic solvents in the coating can not be completely volatile precipitation, resulting in the coatings used for a period of time, blocking or even fall off. Very often, people mistakenly believe that the quality of the paint itself, but was done to contrast the paint of the same nature, were placed in two different coating process manufacturers to do the test, which Jiachang environment in general, simple equipment, manual air spray ; the Yichang environment optimization, advanced equipment (electrostatic coating equipment). A result, the coating of Jiachang test whether it is the distinctness of image, fullness, leveling, gloss, adhesion is greatly inferior to Yichang. Saying talk about a third of craft, seven tools, same applies for the coating industry. For coating pre-treatment, the general factory baked at high temperature to remove surface oil, wax substances, even in the coating formulations designed to add resistance to oil, was indeed useful, but after a long period of use, wear resistance, weather resistance, water tolerance, resistance to smog, acid, solvent and other physical and chemical properties is very fragile. After nearly a decade of practice and comprehensive theories and models of other metal coating process, I summarize the insulating glass coating process is more applicable: neutral chemical liquid degreasing the descaling → ultrasonic cleaning → washing → drying → cooling → Tu primer → drying → paint or topcoat → Drying → off the assembly line this process applies to semi-automatic painting operations, the manufacturers of the product range more practical. Few insulated cup manufacturing companies are already using electrostatic painting, electrostatic painting is not very suitable for many varieties of painting, at the same time but because of the electrostatic coating with high decorative coating and excellent environmental performance, will is the future of the insulating glass coating inevitable trend of development.

Three insulating glass coating process of plastic coating

Relatively speaking, the insulation cup fittings, inlaid part, played only with the product structure and the role of embellishment, but the quality of the coating also can not be ignored. Plastic materials of thermal cup accessories diverse nature of the polypropylene (PP), ABS engineering plastics and polycarbonate (PC), the sol properties of plastic materials, the surface of the glass transition temperature, surface tension, internal stress, etc., but its total the characteristics of the surface carrying the electrostatic paint coating system is difficult to unify. PP before coating its surface the need for pretreatment and modification of a former flame treatment, it is sprayed directly on PP primer to modified. PC solvent resistance, and pay particular attention to the coating sol strength and adjust the poor prone to burn rubber bite bite from the end of the shortcomings in the design of coating formulations. Relatively speaking, the ABS engineering plastics copolymer features easy-to-secondary processing, but if you add excessive plasticizer in the injection molding process, the migration of plasticizer to the surface paint coating, affecting the stability of the coating. And often a considerable lack of plastic materials in the insulating glass products only play the role of embellishment and tie, manufacturers pay little attention to the coating process, overnight, the former processing, elimination of surface electrostatic process. Affect the coating quality of the blame on the coating materials and management, resulting in a large number of quality problems remain unresolved, for this situation, according to the properties of the materials, integration of a relatively uniform coating process.

(1) PP: electrostatic dust → degreasing → degreasing → PP primer (flash dry 20min or 70 ℃ / 10min) → nitro primer (flash dry 20min or 70 ℃ / 10min) or two-component hydroxyl acrylic primer (70 ° C / 30min) → two-component hydroxy propylene finish off the assembly line (75 ~ 80 ℃ / 30min) →

(2) ABS plastic: degreasing → degreasing → electrostatic dust → nitro primer (flash-20min or 70 ° C / 10min) → two-component hydroxy acrylic paint (75-80 ° C / 30min) → offline

(3) PC: degreasing → electrostatic dust → PC primer (70 ℃ / 20min) → nitro primer (flash dry 20min or 70 ℃ / 10min) or two-component hydroxy propylene primer (70 ° C / 30min) → two-component hydroxyl acrylic topcoat (75 ~ 80 ℃ / 30min) → offline

Already can be sprayed directly on the coating of the PP material, but in the pigment system is not perfect and extensive, with some limitations of the application.

4 Conclusion

All in all, the insulating glass coating process, and other industrial products, related to the decorative appearance, corrosion resistance, the functionality of the logo mark, design and production processes, not only to consider the cost savings, but also rational, scientific materials, processes , equipment, environment, management, deeper level of comprehensive utilization of macro-control, improve and create has its own characteristics and environment-friendly coating process

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